Other Services

What services can Zimbabwean citizens expect from Consular Officers?

• Receiving applications from Zimbabweans in the Diaspora for passports, Temporary Travel Documents (TTDs), birth certificates, police clearance certificates and non-marriage certificates.

• Through liaison with the Registrar Generals office, Consular Officers verifies the marital status of Zimbabweans wishing to marry abroad.

• Receive documents from Zimbabwean Embassies and relatives of deceased nationals abroad for clearances with relevant authorities before importation of remains.

• Tracing relatives of deceased and distressed nationals abroad with the assistance of the police or contact details provided.

• Facilitating Consular visits for Embassies or relatives to visit their nationals imprisoned in Zimbabwe.

• Assistance in evacuation of Zimbabweans in cases of political turmoil or some other disasters.

• Assist families under certain circumstances by facilitating the transfer of funds to family members in distress abroad.

• Provide guidance in collaboration with the Department of social welfare on matters relating to adoptions.

• Provide assistance and guidance to foreign representatives regarding their nationals in Zimbabwe.

• Receiving general consular inquiries from Zimbabwean and foreign nationals.